The Power Of A Visionary



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The potential of what God can and will do in your life is absolutely overwhelming and thrilling. God has so much more to bring in your life, and the most important step to achieving that is developing a vision for your life. If you do not know who you are, you will limit what God can do in your life.

Many times we say that we are waiting on God, but it very well may be true that God is waiting on us. You must be willing to take this next step in your life to reach all that God has planned for you. Join Dr. Mark Lantz in this episode of Life on Purpose as he examines biblical truths on how to achieve the greatest level of vision and influence that you’ve ever experienced.

(1 Message, Duration: 28 mins.)

(Life on Purpose is a teaching series from Dr. Mark Lantz designed to take practical and relevant truths from the Word of God and empower us to live a full life in Christ. Dr. Lantz covers many topics using scriptural principles and encouragement to give us a firm foundation to face the trials and obstacles that can so easily hinder and divert us from the path of blessing that God has for each of us.)

(Dr. Lantz and his wife, Crystal, are lead pastors of Christian Center Church in South Bend, Indiana.)