Breaking Through The Clutter – DVD


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Most people agree that we live in a very information-cluttered society. Everyday, we are bombarded by messages from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, news from the internet and television, emails, etc. Information abounds and it comes to us from many different directions. In the midst of this clutter, it is easy for the voice of the Holy Spirit to become drowned out in our lives. In this lesson, Dr. Mark Lantz shows us what it means to break through the clutter so we can clearly hear the voice of the Spirit. (1 DVD, 1 Message, Duration: 28 mins.)

(Life on Purpose is a teaching series from Dr. Mark Lantz who, along with his wife Crystal, are the lead pastors of Christian Center Church in South Bend, Indiana. Dr. Lantz’s teaching series is designed to take practical and relevant truths from the Word of God and empower us to live the life we were designed to live.)