Living In The Authority Of God’s Word – DVD


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Can you imagine how much better this world would be if we continually lived by a set of moral absolutes? There are so many sources from which we can be influenced, and we are being fed and inundated with lies about morality and spirituality. But we can have absolute truth in spite of all the voices that come our way everyday. In this teaching, Dr. Lantz’s objective is to drive us back to the fact that the Bible is the SINGLE source of true wisdom for the most important issues of life. God is love, He does not change, and He cannot lie; therefore, we can stand on the absolute truth of the Word of God and trust that it will guide us to the best possible outcome. (1 DVD, 1 Message, Duration: 28 mins.)

(Life on Purpose is a teaching series from Dr. Mark Lantz who, along with his wife Crystal, are the lead pastors of Christian Center Church in South Bend, Indiana. Dr. Lantz’s teaching series is designed to take practical and relevant truths from the Word of God and empower us to live the life we were designed to live.)