Strategy–The Next Move Is Up To You – DVD


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Have you been sitting and waiting for your dreams to be fulfilled? Does it seem like you have been waiting for things to happen far too long? There is a strategic plan for our lives that God has in mind; many times, however, we sit back and expect God to do all the work. In reality, God expects us to work towards the fulfillment of our dreams that He has given us. Follow along with Dr. Mark Lantz as he encourages us to step forward in wisdom and the power of God toward the great things God has called us to do. (1 DVD, 1 Message, Duration: 28 mins.)

(Life on Purpose is a teaching series from Dr. Mark Lantz who, along with his wife Crystal, are the lead pastors of Christian Center Church in South Bend, Indiana. Dr. Lantz’s teaching series is designed to take practical and relevant truths from the Word of God and empower us to live the life we were designed to live.)