Priorities – study guide by Dr. Mark Lantz


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If Jesus tarries, where are you going to be five years from now? That can be a scary question. But here’s the good news: God has a vision for your life. It’s already been devised. What you must do is discover it. Once you discover God’s vision for your life, you have a path to follow every year, every day, and every moment of life. But how do you discover that vision? And once you have it, what are you supposed to do with it?

This teaching series by Dr. Mark Lantz focuses on one of the greatest habits you can develop: prioritizing. And your greatest priority should be following God’s plan for your life. If you are ready to take your life to the next level and find the path to follow into the future, then open up and read on.  (Soft Cover, Comb Binding – 32 Pages)

(Dr. Mark Lantz is senior pastor of Christian Center Church in South Bend, Indiana, founded by Dr. Lester Sumrall, and president of the World Harvest Ministers Network)